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Priorities & Principles

“In this hour, we must stand  for principles over party politics.”

-Pastor Shahram Hadian

Economic Liberty! 

  • Restore sound money (Gold and silver standard) 

  • Lower the tax burden and punitive taxation

  • Counter the war on farmers and our food supply

  • Protect vital small businesses and entrepreneurs

  • Protect property rights and end the affront on property owners

  • Limit immigration and refugee resettlement to protect American jobs and families

Political Liberty! 

  • Defend the freedom of assembly

  • Defend the right to redress our grievances

  • Protect freedom of speech from the censorship by government, big tech and the attempt to classify constitutionally protected free speech as hate speech and hate crimes 

  • Fully reclaim our 2nd Amendment rights

  • Create more sanctuary towns, cities, counties and states for the 2nd Amendment and “Constitutional Carry”

  • End the tyranny of international agreements that infringe upon constitutional and states' rights

  • Reject Agenda 2021, 2030, Sustainable Development and the New Green Deal

  • Reject the formation of regional governments (various states governments entering pacts together to function as one body)

  • Safeguard the sanctity of voting (secure voting and in person voting)

  • Stop the rationing of health care that results in active euthanasia

  • Defend our founding principles from any foreign law including UN agendas and Shariah

  • Impeach or vote out judges and elected officials that violate their oath of office to the federal and state constitutions

Religious Liberty! 

  • Safeguard freedom of religion for churches & synagogues (government has no authority over the religious functions of churches and synagogues, including worship, communion, assembly, prayer and preaching)

  • Restore the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman

  • Defend the sanctity of life from conception to natural death

  • Defund Planned Parenthood

  • Create sanctuary states for the unborn

  • Restore parental rights over medical decisions, the right to private schools and the right to home schooling

We also need to

impeach, vote out,

or prosecute

any elected officials

who implemented

these draconian

and tyrannical lockdowns

due to COVID 19 hysteria. 

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