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COVID Hysteria: Is media onslaught softening us up for something much more dangerous than a virus?

Updated: May 25, 2020

A Kentucky convenience store told customers not to wear masks inside the store in an attempt to flout Gov. Andy Beshear’s mask guidance.

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Everything the government's so-called "experts" told us about the COVID-19 coronavirus turned out to be false.

Not all experts were wrong. Only the ones selected by the government and given a platform by the mainstream media were wrong.

Neil Ferguson built the Imperial College of London model – it was embarrassingly wrong.

Chris Murray built the IHME model at University of Washington, also grotesquely wrong.

These two non-scientific studies were repeatedly cited by "scientist" Dr. Anthony Fauci and many governors to justify draconian lockdowns, social distancing and an unprecedented shutdown of all businesses deemed "non-essential."

They have now been exposed as frauds.

But instead of changing the lockdown policies that were based on this fraudulent data, most governors doubled down on them and are only now starting to open up. Sort of.

And don't look for any accountability from Fauci or the politicians who listened to him and his fake experts. If there is one rule about the deep state it's this: They are never held accountable by the media for their mistakes, nor does the state hold them accountable when they commit crimes.

We the people are left holding the bag in their sick experiment. We are left to pick up the pieces of a needlessly wrecked economy.

We are also left with a case study in mind-controlling propaganda that was as fantastical as it was successful.

Where are they heading with this?

From the false computer models forecasting millions of dead, to the inflated body counts where hospitals were allowed to "presume" COVID as the cause of death, to the exaggerated mortality rates of 3 to 5 percent [they're actually less than 1 percent].

It was all nonsense, fed by government-selected experts to mainstream-media lapdogs specializing in fake news. It had one purpose and one purpose only, to terrify the world into accepting a reordering of society.

Many globalists have come right out and admitted it.

The Club of Rome, which was one of the original architects of Agenda 21, published an article calling for "A Green Reboot After the Pandemic."

In an interview on Bernie Sanders’ website, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee gushed about his plans to use the COVID crisis as a prop to promote his green economy climate-change agenda.

"This has always been an economic opportunity but it is a no-brainer at this moment with the COVID crisis that has precipitated this enormous economic challenge… and we should not be intimidated when people say 'oh, you should not use this COVID crisis to peddle a solution to climate change.' No, we have to recognize the necessity of this moment,'" he said.

This is the same Jay Inslee who wanted to make restaurants take down names, addresses and emails of every customer who enters their doors, information that would then be turned over to the state.

Giddy with their success in propagandizing the American public over the COVID crisis, globalists are now adopting the language of COVID for their radical sustainable development goals, calling for "Flattening the Climate Curve" [See NYU State Energy Environmental Impact Center, Flatten the Climate Curve, by David Hayes, March 31, 2020]. This will be done by implementing aspects of their Green New Deal, shifting resources and power to companies and players that will only make life more expensive and less free for the average American.

Flatten the [Climate] Curve

They want to use this crisis to advance their utopian vision of how the world should be ordered – and the finished product won't be anything we recognize as America.

This will be a world without free-enterprise capitalism, without God-given constitutional rights to free speech and free exercise of religion, without the right to freely assemble, or to even pursue the livelihood of one's choice if it be deemed "non-essential."

The fact that we now know COVID has a 99.6 percent recovery rate doesn't matter.

The fact that we know our hospitals are fully capable of handling this virus and were never in danger of being "overwhelmed" doesn't matter.

In the latest flipflop, the CDC on May 20 said coronavirus doesn't spread much on hard surfaces. Remember that run on Clorox wipes? That was just a cruel joke.

Despite all these indignities, America's governors continue on with their insane "phased" openings of state economies, banning meetings of more than 10 people, keeping schools and churches closed into the foreseeable future and strapping small businesses with a tsunami of new job-killing rules and regulations.

We have been further divided into camps of masked and unmasked, good cops who stand down and bad cops who arrest barbers for cutting hair, as happened on the Capitol lawn in Lansing, Michigan, last week.

Several barbers were ticketed Wednesday, May 20, as gave haircuts on the Capitol lawn in Lansing in defiance of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's executive orders.

Governors will continue acting like little dictators as long as they know they can get away with it.

Where is the Church?

The most natural source of pushback should come from churches because they are the most unjust victims of this fake crisis. We still haven't been told why it is OK to allow people to congregate inside Walmart, Target and Home Depot stores, or why a commercial airliner can take off at 60 percent of passenger capacity, but churches cannot open their doors to more than 10 people?

Sadly, the vast majority of America's pastors and clergy have proven themselves weak and easily pacified with a few words about "safety" and public health.

While it makes sense to tell sick people to stay home, I don't see anything in the Bible about staying "safe," and I sure don't see an attitude of self-preservation in the lives of the Apostles, who suffered all manner of torture, beatings, stonings, beheadings and crucifixions at the hands of oppressive dictators. But I digress.

The state-run media unleashed a tidal wave of propaganda in March and April that leaked into every nook and cranny of American life. Lies spun in March and April have proved oh so difficult to expunge from the minds of Americans in May.

The brainwashing has been so complete that it doesn't matter how many of the experts' "facts" about the virus have been debunked.

We now know, for example, that at least half of all COVID deaths in the U.S. have been people in nursing homes who were not healthy to begin with. This could have been prevented if governors in states like New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan had not ordered infected patients to return to nursing homes where the virus quickly spread throughout the facilities.

But no matter how many truths get revealed, it's difficult to destroy the lies that have taken root in people's minds, like cognitive Sticky Notes that won't come unglued from stubborn brain cells.

That's why we see so many healthy Americans still walking around covered in facemasks. There is nothing you can say to change their minds. They are impervious to facts, no matter how well documented.

They only want to listen to the government's experts, who have now moved on to new scare-tactics involving a "second wave."

How they did it

All medical experts who don't buy into Fauci-fraud are being silenced, their videos scrubbed from Youtube, Twitter and Facebook by social-media censors who operate as monopolies with government-granted legal protection.

Whether it's legacy media or social media, it's a total-information domination strategy that was laid out by 15 globalist entities at the Event 201 conference on Oct. 18, 2019. It was here, about six weeks before news of the virus came out of China, where representatives of the Gates Foundation huddled with folks from the United Nations, WHO, CDC, World Economic Forum, the CIA, NBC News, Johns Hopkins University and the Chinese CDC to strategize how they would "flood the zone" with a narrative about a killer coronavirus threatening to wipe out huge swaths of human existence.

It worked to perfection.

It worked so well that we should expect a "second wave" to materialize soon, in which case the propaganda will be retooled and governors will be given another excuse to send citizens into lockdown.

Eric Hoffer, a philosopher and author whose work was popular in the mid-20th century, made a keen observation about the power of words to impact the human mind – either for good or for evil:

"We know that words cannot move mountains, but they can move the multitudes, and men are more ready to fight and die for a word than for anything else. Words shape thought, stir feeling and beget action; they kill and revive, corrupt and cure. The men of words – priests, prophets, intellectuals – have played a more decisive role in history than military leaders, statesmen and businessmen."

George Orwell astutely noted in his landmark Nineteen Eighty-Four that the most effective way to change society is to change the way people think.  In fact, the Party of Big Brother works to take away people's ability to think at all. They do this by dumbing down the schools, revising and manipulating the language. Eventually, the Party realizes its ultimate goal of eliminating all thought crime. For, you see, to think is dangerous. A thinking people are a free people, and a free people will not be told by the state what is best for them.

Lessons from history

In a totalitarian society, there is no room for diversity of thought. Everyone must sing from the same sheet music. Political correctness. Groupthink. The hive mind – call it what you want. It's all about getting us to march in lockstep as cogs in the wheel.

  • Lenin said "A lie told often enough becomes the truth."

  • Hiter said, "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed."

  • Stalin said propaganda was the manipulation of symbols and that three institutions in particular needed to be fed a steady stream of propaganda – the education system, the church and the media.

  • Nazi Germany ran one of the most formidable propaganda machines in history.

Hitler, left to his own devices, would not have been successful in transforming Germany from a Christian, God-fearing nation into the world's most feared and ruthless empire, the Third Reich. He needed Joseph Goebbels.

Who was Goebbels? He was a journalist, a wordsmith, skilled in the art of propaganda. His job was to deflect attention away from the real threat, Nazism, and onto a boogieman who could easily be knocked down at the appropriate time.

Goebbels weaponized the fear of communism and used it to divert attention away from the even bigger threat at that time, which was Hitler's Final Solution.

Hitler's final solution, only later becoming evident, was the destruction of individual freedom and the annihilation of an entire race of people.

What's the lesson here? Successful propaganda will always divert our attention from the most-pressing emergency onto something else. While we have your eyes on one thing, which is often a legitimate but lesser threat, BOOM, the trap has been set and another threat, much more treacherous, is allowed to walk in uncontested.

Every mousetrap has some real cheese in it, right? The coronavirus is real and can be deadly for those with compromised immune systems.

But the propaganda messaging during the pandemic is another masterful example of how deep-state governments divert our attention away from what is taking place behind the scenes.

We have been subjected to a propaganda blitzkrieg, if you will, that Joseph Goebbels would be proud of.

From the news media, the incessant TV commercials from virtue-signaling corporations, to signs on the interstate highways, Big Brother has been telling us how to think, how to behave, where we can go and not go.

Operation Mockingbird arises

How do I know that something far more destructive than a virus is in play?

Avril Haines was deputy CIA director under Obama

It's curious that the CIA had one of its own at Event 201. Why would Barack Obama's deputy CIA director and national security advisor, Avril Haines, be present at a conference on a coming pandemic? Haines is also a principal at WestExec Advisors, a well-connected D.C.-based consultantcy that uses the experience of Haines and other former deep-staters to help multinational corporations increase their business overseas. WestExec boasts on its website that it "brings the Situation Room to the Board Room."

The CIA is an agency that has always operated largely outside the realm of normal oversight by Congress and even the president. The CIA was at the center of the deep-state plot to take down President Donald Trump, who whether you like him or not was duly elected by the American people.

But this is nothing new. The CIA has always been involved in media-run psy-ops aimed at changing people's perception of reality. The CIA code-named its work with the media, OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD.

Thanks to one brave Senator, Frank Church, we know a lot more about Mockingbird than the CIA ever wanted us to know.

The CIA, Senator Church found, uses the media as a primary source of mind controlling propaganda. They've been doing this since at least the early 1950s Cold War era. That's when they started recruiting journalists from the mainstream media — editors, publishers, high-profile columnists, TV reporters, to serve as paid CIA assets who would report false or deceptive stories.

The one thing CIA officials would not divulge in the congressional hearings, no matter how hard pressed, were the names of their "assets" in the media.

This was the birth of what today we call fake news.

Carl Bernstein wrote a lengthy cover story published in Rolling Stone magazine in 1977 in which he detailed how Operation Mockingbird worked.  The video below includes fascinating original footage from some of the Church hearings in Congress.

The CIA had influence over at least 25 U.S. newspapers and wire services, including the Associated Press, Time magazine, TV broadcasters, the gamut. The mission was simple: CIA sources would feed false or misleading stories to reporters, both knowing and unknowing, and once the original story was published other media would pick it up and repeat the falsehoods over and over again -- like mockingbirds.

I have heard it said by many folks during this current pandemic that we have a media-created panic. Not quite. The media didn't create anything.

They were fed false information by government deep-state leakers who find them pliable and easily controlled.

Watch media mockingbirds feed on their assigned prey in the short video below.

After weeks of pummeling people with a false or distorted message it gets tough to discern where the message of the state ends and that of the media begins. They are all shouting the same thing. "Social distance, wash your hands, sanitize all surfaces, don't touch your face, wear your mask, stay home, stay safe, we're all in this together!"

So if the exaggerated threat is a coronavirus, what is the real threat they want to divert our attention from?

It's all about control

The end game is to implement laws and systems that guarantee greater control over human activity, a reordering of society along the lines of the U.N. Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development goals.

The United Nations- and Bill Gates-approved programs will destroy national sovereignty, collapse the economy and offer a new green economy that might appear on the surface to be more earth friendly but is actually anti-human and anti-freedom.

We can already see how COVID hysteria is being used to hire an "army" of contact tracers who will sweep up as many Americans as possible into their social-control groups where they can be data-mined and told how to live. If you don't give them your DNA, and eventually accept their vaccines, then you can't put your kids in school, can't work at a corporate job, can't get on an airplane, can't attend a sporting event or a concert. You basically become a second-class citizen.

But don't worry. Gov. Inslee in Washington has figured out how to deal with those who refuse to cooperate. He says he is raising a "standing army" of more than 1,500 government agents to shop for your groceries, get your meds, identify all your friends and family and find out what they've been up to.

If you still refuse to cooperate he will take you out of your house and place you in an isolation center.

Where is all this leading? Bill Gates, along with many of the governors, have already shared with us their desired destination.

Just like Hitler, the creepy billionaire globalist Bill Gates has his own Final Solution. He let it slip in an interview with Stephen Colbert, seen below.

Words matter. But sometimes, in live interviews, these globalists do venture off script and give us clues to what they are really thinking.

It's all about eugenics. Depopulation. Watch Melinda Gates explain in an interview with 60 Minutes below.

Bill and Melinda are deeply committed to depopulating the world. But if you go to their foundation's website, you won't find anything that uses that word, depopulation.

In fact, their press releases give the opposite impression. You will read about "life-saving vaccines" in their decade of vaccines press release from 2010.

You will read about how they want to lower the infant mortality rate and improve women's health. They're never going to use the word "depopulation" or "abortion." Depopulation becomes "global development" and abortion becomes "reproductive health."

So while all the attention has been focused on Exhibit A, it's easy to miss Exhibit B, which has the potential to permanently change American life in ways never imagined.

It's classic bait and switch. Capitalizing on our fear of Exhibit A – coronavirus – to drive us straight into the arms of the UN globalist agenda.

I never thought I would see so many Americans willingly hand over their liberties to any agenda, let alone that of the U.N.

What is Agenda 2030 in a nutshell?

People ask for a simple definition of Agenda 2030, which is so all-encompassing it can be difficult to grasp.

It's simply this: Agenda 2030 is the United Nations' plan for the world. It involves everything from eliminating poverty to managing the world's resources in a more "just" manner [i.e. wealth redistribution]. To accomplish that, they have a plan to inventory, measure, manage, monitor and control all things – that includes all of the world's land, sea and food resources, all natural resources and how these resources get allocated. That will require government or corporate control over all human activity.

That includes you.

Agenda 2030 is not bashful in stating that its plan will make sure "no person will be left behind."

Put another way, Agenda 2030 is a plan to create global standards – uniform, one-size fits all standards – for all systems of law, education, media, transportation, religious expression, immigration and ID systems, medical systems, construction, the way utilities are produced and delivered, everything.

The Gates Foundation is the largest private financial backer of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, investing $17.9 million over five years [see Gates Foundation Assesses Progress on UN Sustainable Development Goals, Nonprofit Quarterly, by Jim Schaffer and Steve Dubb, Sept. 20, 2018]

Globalist technocrats pushing Agenda 2030 believe there are way too many human beings on the planet and that things could be managed and run more sustainably, by them, if there were less people. A lot less people. Pope Francis also supports UN Agenda 2030 in direct contradiction to the Catholic Church's stated position of being pro life and pro family.

As you may have guessed by now, standardization is very important to the technocrats.

Isn't that exactly what we are seeing in their reaction to COVID? Whether it was Gov. Whitmer in Michigan, Inslee in Washington, Pritzker in Illinois or Cuomo in New York, what was the prescribed remedy? SHUT IT DOWN!

It didn't matter if you lived in inner-city Detroit, in the suburbs or in the hinterlands of northern Michigan, the prescription was the same. Non-essential businesses must close and all people must shelter in place under virtual house arrest.

These edicts were not backed up by any science but they did have the backing of a scientist. The governors continually reminded us they had science on their side, without citing any science.

What they really meant was that a corrupt scientist listening to the dictates of the UN World Health Organization had advised them to take these actions. They never consulted with a constitutional attorney to see if their draconian edicts were in line with the Bill of Rights.

When New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy was asked about this by Tucker Carlson, he famously responded, "Bill of Rights? That's above my pay grade."

At some point it becomes obvious that we've been played.

Yes, there is a virus, but it is not nearly as scary as the government's experts tried to make it sound. This virus quickly mutated into a political machine, pushing a dark agenda.

Yes, words matter. The mind is a sensitive thing.

We must all resist their rules, their unconstitutional laws, anything that is mandated, coerced or brought about by brainwashing the public.

These evil globalists can deal with the 1 percent who resist. They have a contingency plan in place for the 1 percent. But they cannot deal with the 3, 4, 5, or 6 percent. That's all it will take to collapse their entire model, their entire plan to subjugate we the people.

Leo Hohmann is an independent freelance journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion.” You can read more of his work at

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